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Thursday, May 3

One Proud Mama

I know I brag about my kids…a lot.  I can.  I’m their mom.  I love them so much that I can’t help but brag about them. 

At the end of January, Little A started piano lessons.  She has been doing great.  Really great!! I have to honestly say that I would have never thought to start her on piano lessons originally.  I never played as a child and it wasn’t anything the hubs and I ever discussed.  It wasn’t until our niece (A’s cousin) started playing a year ago, that A’s interest was sparked.  My in-laws bought A her own little “play” piano for Christmas and she really showed an interest in it.  Sooooo I figured why not look into it and see where it takes us.  I’ll be honest; I didn’t think she would do well.  Not because I didn’t think she could learn to play, but bc of her fingers. You always hear that those with long fingers were made to play the piano and unfortunately little A has my short fingers.  I thought having shorter fingers would make it difficult for her.  Again, I was wrong.  It made me feel better to see that her teacher has short fingers.  Shout out to the short fingered piano players!!  Lol.

Anywho……I did some research for some local piano teachers and I found this amazing lady.  She has performed for First Lady Laura Bush, Virgina Governor Robert McDonnel, the President of Ireland Mary Robinson, Aaron Copeland. I could go on and on about her resume, but instead you can read about it on her page.  I really suggest clicking on all the links on her page to see the amazing opportunities she's had throughout her career.  She and little A clicked immediately.  She really has a way with children and makes learning fun.  Mrs. Bennett is so talented and we are lucky to have her teaching A.  We have our lesson once a week on Saturday mornings for 30min.  A has learned 9 songs.  5 of those songs she can play without the book already. 

Little A is one of many students Mrs. Bennett teaches and each year they put on a couple recitals.  Mrs. Bennett is having her spring recital at the ODU Chandler Recital Hall on May 12th and guess who was asked to open the recital with two songs.  Yup….Little A.  We knew about the recital when we first started the lessons, but have always stated that since she was just starting out, we would wait until the Christmas recital to participate.  Well her teacher feels there is no need to wait as long as A was comfortable with playing in front of an audience.  We talked to little A about it and she is excited.  Being on stage in front of an audience is nothing new to her.  She’s done her school Christmas plays and has participated in the children’s programs at my in-laws church. 

We are so excited for her....   

And so yes…I am one proud mama!!

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