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Wednesday, May 30

A Sad Week/Feeling Helpless

Its been a sad few days for my husband and his side of the family.  The hubs cousin, Roberta, whom resides in Brazil was placed into an induced coma yesterday.  She has suffered from Lupus from what I can understand, quite some time now.  Over the weekend her illness had taken a turn for the worse.  I don't know a lot of Portuguese, but I know enough to understand and know that she is loved and supported by so many friends and family.  Her Facebook page is filled with a ton of heartfelt wishes for her.

My husband is sad.  My in-laws are sad.  I'm sad.  I had the honor of meeting Roberta when I was 19 for the first time. That was the first trip I had taken to Brazil with the hubs.  We've taken two more trips since then and both times I had the pleasure of spending time with Roberta.  She is happy, she is fun and she is caring.  Although there is a difference in language, we were always able to still communicate on FB.  It's one of those things...you don't always have to know what someone is saying to understand what they are saying.

It saddens me that we just can't pack up the kids and go visit her in the hospital.  Its not just a 6hr drive to PA...its a 10hr flight.  A 10hr loooong flight.  A flight that we have NOT made with the kids yet.  We talked about going in July for his other cousins wedding, but its just not in our budget right now. *Sigh*  Our budget can cover possibly two of the four of us.  I told my husband I think he should just go by himself.  (Well he wouldn't be by himself.  He mentioned his sisters and their families are looking into going.)  He said no.  He said if he goes, we all go.  Unless we hit the lottery, I guess we'll be staying home :(

Lots of prayers for Roberta please.

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