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Friday, June 1

Another Friday Dump

It's no secret life is hectic right now; if it wasn't I'd be posting more regularly.  So instead, you get a photo dump.

I finally found the right clock mechanisms I need to make my custom wall clock.  
One problem-Now that I have everything I need, I'm not sure if I want to put that many holes on my freshly painted and hole free walls.  
My original idea was to hang the mechanism centered above my couch and put 12 4x6 picture frames around it acting as the numbers.  I would then fill the frames with pics of the fam.  Hmmmmm. Decisions...Decisions

A couple weekends ago we took the girls to the local Jubilee.  Little A tried out the hamster ball.  She tried to stay up....but "it was a lot harder than it looks, mommy". Lol

I made this for our front door.  I bought the Ribbon, D and the sand looking stones at Michael's.  The shells came in a bag of beach potpourri from BB&B.  I also picked up a piece of scrapbook paper and printed the words "bare feet welcome".  I cut the paper to look like a flag and glued it to a toothpick.  

Last year my sister and I made a bra and entered it into the Chesapeake Regional Health Foundations annual "The Bra-ha-ha" for charity in honor of a friend that was passing of Cancer at the time.  We won 3rd place!!! Woop Woop!  Well the bra has made it on their local commercials, their runway show and now their flyer's promoting this years Bra-ha-ha!  Yay!!

Here's the bra in the making in my kitchen.

Little A posing with it :)

That Thirty-One party I mentioned I was hosting....well I made these for my guests.
Chicken and Grape Salad Wraps
Caprese Tomato's

We went to the beach last weekend and we found this beached turtle.  Poor thing was somethings lunch or dinner :(  The local animal recovery team came to take it away so they could do a full autopsy on it. The hubs and a friend helped them carry it to there vehicle and the hubs said it was extremely heavy.  It was the size of little A!  

Last Friday night I went to my nephew Joey's preschool graduation.  He was so excited!!

Little A and Little E....My beach babies!! <3

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