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Tuesday, June 5

Feeling a little better about my decision…

Ever since Little A was born, the hubs and I always discussed selling our house and moving before we had to enroll her in kindergarten.  When we bought our house, we were childless and although school districts weren’t necessarily the furthest from our thoughts, they were not something we were worried about at the time. 

Through the years we have heard good things and bad things about the elementary school in our neighborhood.  It used to be more bad than good.  Slowly through the years I have started to hear more good.  Regardless, we have still been undecided on what to do about what school we wanted to send her to.  She goes to preschool in a totally different school district and we could have petitioned to get her into their elementary school, but it’s only good for kindergarten.  I know it would buy us another year, but still, come first grade we’d be back to square one again.  I looked into a Christian private school.  It not only is out of our way, buts it’s out of our budget as well. 

To date I have not enrolled her into any school.  Tomorrow that is going to change. 

On Friday I had lunch with a business associate and the topic of school’s came up.  He gave me a lot of insight on the elementary school in our district and was surprisingly, laying a lot of my concerns to rest.  He and his wife have two children in the district that Little A goes to preschool in, but is quite familiar with our elementary school.  His wife interned there and although she teaches at a completely different school now, she still has a lot of involvement with the school.  She along with another close friend of mine that interned there, said that it’s a nice school and has come a long way.  My friends’ wife is really pleased with it and says that it’s a great elementary school.  (Unfortunately, the middle and high school does not have such great reviews.  But I guess we have a few years until we reach that point.)

So we have decided, as of this fall, Little A is going to be a Deep Creek Hornet

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