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Tuesday, June 5

Happy Anniversary to us

Although we have been together for 14 years; 8 years ago today I married the love of my life.  

(Sorry the pic isn't very clear.  It's in a glass frame and I took the pic with my phone.  This pic was taken on a cruise ship on our honeymoon.)

You may think its odd, but every year we always forget about our anniversary.  Seriously!  In our house we go through so many holidays, that just when we slow down......whoa, tomorrows our anniversary! Lol 

Don't believe me?  Here ya go...

Dec 25th Christmas
Dec 28th Little A's b-day
Some family b-days pass
March 29th Little E's b-day
April 23rd Hubs's b-day
May 1st friends b-day
May 13th Mothers Day
May 19th My b-day
May 25th-28th Memorial Day is on the brain

So just as we start to settle down and begin to think about Father's Day and the 4th of July, we realize that our anniversary fits in the mix too.  Its a running joke with us and we laugh about it every year.  One year we remembered bc I got a "happy anniversary" wish email from a local radio station.  Seriously!! I know some of y'all are thinking we must not care if we can forget about such an important day out of the year...but that's totally not the case at all.  We are still so much very in love and remind each other every single day.  The thing is, we don't just celebrate each other one day out of the year, we celebrate everyday!!

So Happy Anniversary to us!!

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