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Thursday, June 7

So i'm not dying after all

I had a Dr.’s apt.yesterday.  I went for some lab work last week and this apt. was to go over everything....everything her piece of paper said and everything MY piece of paper said.  Yup, I totally strolled up in there with my pink sticky note filled to the brim with questions and concerns.  Why is it every time I walk into Dr. B’s office I tend to feel relieved even before I talk to her?  Probably bc I’m a hypochondriac who feels like she’s always dying and Dr. B. always lays that to rest.  Lol   She said all my labs came back great.  I’m lacking a bit in vitamin D and need to take a supplement, but everything else looks good.  We went over a bump I have had in my arm for well over a year that I always forget to ask her about….no worries there.  We also discussed a purple mark on my cheek, which I noticed about two months ago.  It magically appeared while my face decided to go through puberty all over again x10.  She wants me to take a picture of the spot with a ruler and then measure it again in a month.  Again, she doesn’t seem worried about it right now, but we are going to keep an eye on it.  If it gets any bigger we will address it in my follow up next month.  She found a brown spot on my eye.  She made me an apt. at an Ophthalmologist on Monday to get it looked at.  The more I think about it; that may have something to do with why my eye has been getting blurry lately and why I can’t keep a contact in it anymore.  We will just have to wait and see what that Doc says. 


I’m happy to announce that I’m NOT dying…..at least not nowPhysically I am fine.   

 I stress the word physically!!!  Mentally is a whole nother story.   Let’s just say we adjusted a few things to keep momma happy J

I thought about having another photo dump Friday for y’all, but honestly, with the week I’ve had, I’ll just leave you with this:

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