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Monday, June 4

This weekend I…

I-watched my nephews for my sister. 

She dropped them off on Friday and picked them up yesterday afternoon.

I-went what felt like, back.in.time.

My youngest nephew is only 4mths, so getting up for feedings every few hours in the middle of the night took me back to Little A and Little E’s late night feedings.  Um, I don’t miss those days.

I-spent some time in the pool with the kiddos.

My nephew Joey went from being terrified of the pool to jumping in and touching the bottom.  I think it helped seeing Little A swimming on her own and jumping down to the bottom. 

I-realized that I am 2/3 almost saved up for my eye surgery. 
Woop Woop!  We have been putting a little aside here and there with each paycheck and thought eventually we would get there, but it’s coming sooner rather than later.  This makes me one very happy gal.

I-started planning a weekend camping trip for just me and the hubs.

Since I took my sisters kids this weekend, she is taking my kids for a weekend so that the hubs and I can have some alone time. Just.the.two.of.us.  We haven’t decided what weekend, but the rest of the details are already planned out.

I-started working out and forcing myself stick to Weightwatchers 100%.

I’ve been doing Weightwatchers for just over a month, but not 100%.  I am now!!  I started working out the middle of last week with water aerobics in my pool, but Friday I started an ab workout suggested by this gal.  Um, I am feeling the burn. EVERYWHERE!!  I was happy to take yesterday off.  Well, except for the power walk I took with the kids in the double stroller ;-) 

I-tasted a drunken cupcake.

My sister made drunken cupcakes for a bbq she was going to on Sat.  Yeah, they are def. an acquired taste.  Not.for.me.thank you.

I-did not grill this weekend, which makes me very sad.

Once the summer comes, I cook almost everything on the grill.  I plan my meals around the grill.  This weekend, not so much….actually, not at all.  No worries, I will make up for it this week ;)

I-had the following conversation with Little A (whom is 5 btw):

Little A-Mommy, I wish Luigi would come to our house and kiss me. 
Me-What?! Why? 
Little A-Bc I do.  He’s so handsome and cute.
Me-So you like Italian guys? Is that what you mean?
Little A-No mommy, I like Luigi. 

Um, what do you say at the point?  This is a little girl that at her Christmas recital, she pointed out one of her classmates whom was dressed in a little suit and said “mommy, look at Jackson.  Doesn’t he look beautiful in his man clothes?”  Could she already be boy crazy? I hope this is not a sign of the teenage years coming early. If so, then Momma’s gonna need more meds and daddy’s gonna need a shot gun! Lol

What did you do this weekend?

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