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Friday, September 14

50 Shades of WHAT?? HELLO!!!!

The 50 Shades Phenomena

Have you jumped on the ban-wagon?  Ok, maybe I should re-phrase that.  Who hasn't jumped on the 50 Shades ban-wagon?  Ha...lately I don't know many that haven't, including me.  Yup!  I read them.  ALL 3 OF THEM.  The hubs swore I was addicted.  I read every free moment I had.  There were nights I was up for hours reading, and coming from someone who likes to be asleep by 9:30, that says something.  Now don't get me wrong, the hubs was not complaining....wink, wink, wink.  Ha Ha Ha!!  Again, no details, BUTTTTTTTT....I will say this, I felt like I was back in my early twenties and I'm pretty sure he did too!! LOL  

Ok, I'll stop there....

Anyway, If you haven't read them, I suggest that you do.  

WARNING!!!  If you do take my advice and read them, let me make one thing clear, I refuse to be held accountable for any unplanned happenings that may occur along the way.  ;-)

That's right! If you happen to become one of the many statistics reading this book...just like I had...you may be needing one of these in approximately 9 months.

(At the moment, we are calling our little nugget "BLIP". Go figure, huh!?!)

That's right.  I have become one of the statistics of the 30 something year old women that got pregnant while reading 50 Shades of Grey.  Seriously, no lie!  Granite my scenario is a little different in the sense that I normally am not supposed to be able to get preggers without taking Metformin (I'm insulin resistant and I had to take this diabetic med for close to two years with my previous pregnancies). Yeah, um....I haven't taken Metformin since my first trimester with Emma...ALMOST 3 YEARS AGO!!!

So how did I get pregnant then??  My Dr. says it had to do with the drastic body changes I had made.  With changing my diet completely and cutting out any and all unnatural food/sugars and dropping over 30lbs, my body basically went into shock.  In a nutshell, my body said "forget needing any special meds and forget any bc you may be using, BAM, here's a baby!!  Booooyahhhhh!"  Well, I'm sure my body didn't exactly say it that way, but that's what it sure felt like.  Sigh....

Soooo without further ado, I am officially pregnant!  

I found out two days before I was scheduled to start a month long Compound Cross fit Boot-camp Class.  I told ya, I was on the path of a obtaining a complete body change.  Well, I guess I am still going to be obtaining a complete body change, just a different one than planned.

I'm not going to lie.  I wasn't totally over the moon when I found out I was pregnant.  Fred was ecstatic.  I on the other hand cried for days.  I may or may not still cry occasionally.  Don't get me wrong.  It's not that I'm not happy that our family is growing.  It's just I truly thought we were done making babies bc of the toll it takes on my body to carry children.  I am terrified of how badly ill I'm going to be over the next nine months and the toll its going to take on Fred and the girls through this process. 

Now those that know me and my past history with being pregnant are probably wondering how I am currently feeling?  Well, I will say this...I've been just as ill as my other pregnancies, but I will save the details for its own blog post later.  I'm surprised I've been able to spit this post out...

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