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Thursday, September 6

And she's growing up...sigh.

It's official.  Alexi is a Kindergartner.  Does it make me sad?  Just a little.   Did I cry? No.  At least not at that moment. The thought that I had to put her on the school bus, not knowing how she would do did scare the crap out of me.  To my surprise, I was scared with good reason, but I'll get to that in just a moment.  Here are some pics of her all ready to go and waiting for the bus...
Alexi and her bestie waiting for the bus on the first day :)
(I totally cropped and adjusted the original pic in Snapseed. Best photo app. out there!!)

This is the second day of school and I have to say, one of my favorite pics of her ever!!  I asked for a nice pic and she gave me this.  I'm so glad she did.  She is too stinking cute!!!!

So I mentioned that I didn't cry when I put Alexi on the bus initially, and I didn't.  I DID however cry later that morning when I got a call from the sitter saying that she was never dropped off after school.  My heart sunk.  I of coarse panicked and called her teacher while the sitter was on the phone with transportation.  Her teachers response? "Oh Mrs. Delima, I know this is new to you, but I assure you Alexi is fine and this is nothing new for the first day of school". Um hello, I had just found out that my daughter first of all was NOT put on the correct bus to begin with.  Then to top it off, the driver of the bus number her teacher swears she was put on, said she was never on that bus.  Sooooo, for an entire hour and fifteen minutes my daughter was unaccounted for.  SERIOUSLY!!  No lie!!  

Let me step back a moment and explain something for those that aren't aware of the green card system.  You see in the first school pic Alexi is wearing a green pass around her neck?  That is her bus pass.  The parents are given 4 matching passes (for the parents, sitters or anyone else that is allowed to greet her when she gets off the bus).  She needs that pass to get on the bus in the morning and to get off the bus in the afternoon. Her pass is supposed to match an adults pass at the bus stop whom is waiting for her.  Simple, right?  This way each child is delivered to an adult that is specifically there for that child.  I could not pick up my neighbors child from the bus stop if I did not have a green pass with a matching name and number to the pass that child is wearing.  

Ok, that being said....

While we still could not locate Alexi, my husband drove to the school.  I was in no physical condition to go to the school.  On top of feeling ill (which I'll get to that later) I knew I would probably end up in jail if I had gone to the school myself.  Trust me, do not mess with this mama bear!!

I finally got a call from my sitter at 1:00 saying she had Alexi.  I was so relieved!!  Come to find out, Alexi was standing at a bus stop one street over from the sitters house. ALL BY HERSELF!!!  You heard me, she was standing there alone!!! No bus, no adult with a matching green pass, no one!!!  The sitter said she was just standing there waiting for either the sitter or myself to come get her.  She said the bus driver dropped her off with other students and she thought she had to stand there and wait for us.  It was hot on the first day of school and her poor face was all red.  The sitter said the first thing she asked for was something to drink.  I was fuming!!  I could not believe it.  What happened to the green bus pass system???   We still don't know which bus she was on or how long she had been standing there.  All we know is that she was not accounted for a total of an hour and fifteen minutes.  The longest hour and fifteen minutes of my life!!!!

Fred and I sat down with Alexi that night to discuss the days events.  She had no clue that anything wrong had happened. She was excited she had her first day of school and got to ride the school bus.  We considered driving her to and from school from then on, but Alexi got so upset at the idea.  She loved the bus and wanted to continue riding on it.  The more and more Fred and I thought about it, it wasn't fair to punish her for something she had been looking forward to all summer long bc of the schools mistake.  I have to say, at the end of our conversation Alexi looked at us and said...

Alexi: "Mommy, it was a good day still.  I didn't have to go to the principles office." (On open house, the teachers explained to the students about misbehaving and the repercussions.  I'm thinking that stood out in Alexi's mind.)

Fred's response: "No you didn't Alexi, but I did!"  Fred and I just looked at each other and smiled.  That afternoon Fred had paid a visit to the principals office during our search for Alexi to go ape sh** express his feelings.

Oh what a first day of school...


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