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Wednesday, September 5

Just another photo dump....

Its been hard to keep up with blogging since we've been so busy this summer.  Here are a few photos taken from my phone.  I have a ton more on my camera from each event, I just need to find the time to download them...sigh.  Oh well, in due time I guess.

 The weekend of our camping trip in the Outer-banks.  Just the hubs and I. 
(Here I was down 18lbs)
 The week before my sisters wedding, we had some of our closest family in town. Thanks to my grandmother, we all got to stay at the beach.  The kids had a blast! (The last pic is hard to see, but we were watching dolphins jumping in and out of the ocean.)
 My nephews chowing down at Captain George's Seafood Buffet.  Mmmmmm Mmmmm Good!
 My neighbor had given us a cocoon and homemade habitat to watch for the week.  All the kids got to watch the cocoon turn into the butterfly.  It was so exciting!  Once the butterfly found its wings, it flew across to these trees next to Dairy Queen.  (Smart butterfly ;) )

 Memorial Day Weekend we were going to take the girls camping, but instead we took them to PA for a visit with their cousins on my husbands side of the family.  They had so much fun playing!!

Also Memorial Day weekend we said good-bye to our Beetlejuice and welcomed Curtis to our family.  Thanks to my Aunt, whom got a new car, we traded our Cavalier for her Mercury Monterey.  We are officially a proud minivan family :-)

Well, until next time!!  (Also, I still have have to upload pics from my sisters wedding at the beach.  I didn't take any with my camera, so I'm waiting for the pics from the photographer :)  )

Oh, and for my weight update, as of Memorial Day Weekend I was down 32lbs.  Yay!! Go me!!

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