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Tuesday, July 24

Some travel time...just me, myself and I

I just got back from a short, but much needed trip to PA.  It was my ex-sister-in-law sister Liz's' bachelorette/birthday party Saturday night.  Drew (my nephew) had two back to back baseball games, so I left early enough Saturday morning to see him play his second game in NJ. God he's so talented!!  Love that kid!!

After the game Liz and I went back to her house to get ready and wait for some of her other friends to join us and ride together.  I offered to be the DD bc after driving over 6hrs from VA to PA and knowing I'd be driving home the next morning, I knew I wouldn't be up to drinking a whole lot.

Its funny how things happen in life.  One of Liz's best friends/Maid of Honor is someone I knew little of in high school, but was friends with my brother during high school.  We surprisingly got along very well. Aaaaannnnd considering I was around a group of women who saw me as their close friends ex-husbands sister and the wife of the man who was going to marry their friend and her new husband to be (yup, I know; to someone on the outside looking in it looks odd.  But not to us.)....they all excepted me with welcoming arms and were so nice!  Really!!  I had a great time and enjoyed their company.

Theme was a Lingerie Party

(These boxes of lovelies were from me ;-o)

Needless to say it was a VERY late night and a looooong drive home the next morning.  But so very worth the trip!!!

Next on my agenda?? Lots of weddings, a camping trip and a drive back to PA!!!

Boy do I have a busy rest of the summer!!

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