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Wednesday, October 10


-I changed my first dirty pull-up yesterday in 2 months.  Fred ran out and since Emma doesn't like to do #2 in the potty anymore, guess who was blessed with a present.  A fowl smelling present.  I'm sure she thought I was crazy, but I had to put a mask on to change her.  Me and smells don't get a long.  Truth!!

-Two days ago I was able to eat "dinner" for the first time in about a month and a half.  It was only a small scoop of plain mashed potatoes, some corn and plain shredded pork.  It totaled only about 1/2 C, but considering I haven't been able to eat anything past early afternoon, it was a break through. Too bad I haven't been able to do it again since then :(  Truth!!

-Last week I went an entire day before realizing I had my under-roos on inside out.  I did not notice it until I took a bath before bedtime.  In my defense, my Vicki Secrets tags are imprinted and you barely notice them.  Come to think about it, this has happened to me more than just once.  Sigh...I probably need to pay better attention in the morning when I'm getting dressed.  Either that or maybe I should turn on the bedroom light.  I'm sure that would make a diff.  Oh well.  Truth!!

-It's almost mid October and I don't have Halloween costumes for the girls.  I usually have their costumes by now.  To date, I haven't even looked into costumes.  Alexi mentioned that she wants to be a Unicorn.  I guess I better get on the ball.  I just lack in the motivation dept. to do anything.  Sad I know, but its the Truth!!

-Every last moment I spend at home is in my bed with the lights off and curtains closed.  I can not remember the last time I cooked/prepped a meal, did a load of laundry, cleaned or stepped foot in a food store.  I have been pretty much bedridden and it stinks.  Fred has taken on everything since I got pregnant and sick.  The girls come and hang out with mommy in bed for story time and homework.  Truth!!

-I have had some "other" family issues going on recently and someone in my family had the nerve to leave me voice-mails and text messages saying that I needed to be more compassionate and had the nerve to question my religion.  For the record, after trying everything possible, even a Christian can't help someone who can't help themselves.  Sometimes you have to realize you can't help everyone, no matter who they are and how badly you want to.  It doesn't mean your less compassionate or less of a Christian...It just means your not the person that can fix the problem.  Especially when you have young children that need your focus and don't need to be exposed to certain issues. Truth!!

-Have learned to let a lot of things go.  Feelings, relationships, worries....all gone.  Truth!!

-I have been having the craziest dreams lately.  Anywhere from mixing work, reality TV, family, vacations and game shows.  I seem to have 3-4 dreams a night and they are the wackiest I've had in who knows when.  I dreamed that I was logged on to my work account and saw a $99,000 deposit from The Outback Restaurant. When I called to inquire about it, Carrie Underwood was the one that answered.  I tell ya, ODD!  Another was about me going to a wedding on a cruise ship and the cast from The Real Housewives of NJ were guests there as well.  When the waiters walked with the over-sized trays of food, they rocked the trays as if they were keeping up with the motion of the waves...only there were no waves.  Now I've been on a couple of cruise ships and know darn well that isn't even close to real!! Crazy I tell ya!  Truth!!

-I'm still on the Picc-line and have an appt. with a specialist next Tuesday.  I know it has something to do with my weight, but I'm not 100% sure what its going to entail.  Keep in mind, I started off over 35lbs heavier with my other pregnancies versus this one.  My Dr. has brought up that if she doesn't see some weight gain soon, we will have to discuss TPN.  I'm trying my best not to think the worst and been doing my best to eat as much as I can....even if it doesn't stay down :(  Truth!!

-I've become an aunt again for the 9th time.  My SIL gave birth to beautiful baby Prescilla Joy yesterday.  I am so happy for them and can't wait to meet our newest little princess.  This makes grand baby girl #7 for my In-laws.  They are praying the hubs and I have a boy to break things up a bit.  We will see...  Truth!!

-I am officially a proud mini-van owner.  That's right we now have Curtis!!  Curtis was my aunts minivan and since her kids are grown, in college or proud homeowners themselves, it was time for her to down size.  We traded Beetlejuice (our cavalier) for Curtis and couldn't be happier!!  Truth!!

-Truly contemplating packing the family up and starting over somewhere far far away.  Truth!!

-For those that care, both my butt and my back hurt.  I also can't seem to rid the chill I've had for about a week. Sigh...or the deathly look I've taken on.  Poor Emma walks around the house telling everyone "mommys dick sick and has a booboo"  Yup, when she says sick, it totally comes out the other way.  We just smile and leave it alone.  She's doing her best with her pronunciations. Lol  Truth!!

-Speaking of Emma, she hates my home nurse.  She avoids her like the plague and wants the "Dr to go home!" I really think its more related to the "mommy's sick issue" versus the idea that she just doesn't like her.  Emma is terrified of the nurses at the Peds office so I really think that has something to do with it.  Truth!!

-I've been a Pinterest junky, but lack any motivation to make anything on it.  Truth!!

-I really need to make it up to my in-laws house.  I gave my maternity clothes to them after Emma was born to donate to the church yard-sale.  Yeah my mother in law was oh so happy to tell us that she had a feeling we would end up pregnant again and kept all my clothes stored away.  Yeah, um maybe I should have given her all my other baby stuff bc have I mentioned I got rid of it ALL?!?!?  Crib?  Yeah that's gone too!!  I have the changing table (which my mother is using as a dresser) and plenty of clothes if its a girl.  Everything else has been given away.  All the way down to the car-seat  bottles, swing, etc.  Every last bit of it had left my house a long time ago.  I had no plans on any more babies coming out of this body!!  Sigh...Truth!!

-I'm loosing all my hair.  At least that's what it feels like.  I remove about 3 large hairbrushes full of hair every morning. No matter how much Fred cleans our bathroom, its covered from head to toe with my hair.  My side of the bed and pillows are covered as well.  I'm going to have to mention this to my Dr. bc I'm starting to get a little nervous :(  Truth!!

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