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Monday, November 12

Starting to feel a little better...at least physically.

I'm happy to say that the last few days I've been feeling pretty good physically.  As of yesterday I am 16 weeks and the last couple of months have been H-E-Double Hockey Sticks tough.  The so called "morning sickness" that is no where near just a morning sickness has been a daily routine.  So much so that I have busted so many more blood vessels in my face.  I have a quarter size spot of broken blood vessels grouped on the upper part of my left cheek bone :(  I'm hoping eventually there is something I will be able to do about that other than just make-up.  Sigh.  I also have a really large one under my left eye as well.  I wonder whats up with the left side of my face.  Grrr.

Anyway, this past weekend I felt good.  I was able to eat more than usual and was able to keep it all down.  Yay to hoping that it sticks.  My energy is still not 100% better, but I'm not sleeping as much as I was.  I'm actually somewhat social.  Lol.  Heck, I even finally finished making a fall wreath that I started um....well who knows when! When I went to JoAnnes to get more of the fabric, it was discontinued.  I improvised though.

I still have the Picc-line in and my nurse still comes every Wednesday to change out my dressing.  Its kinda become second nature to me now.  I have the same nurse each week so we've created a nice relationship and the kids are more comfortable around her now versus when she first started coming.  Emma was NOT ok in the beginning.  She did not like the nurse coming so close and touching mommy's booboo.  Now it doesn't faze her anymore.  I think its because she has become so comfortable being around my booboo and she knows that mommy is ok.

Fred...well what can I say.  I may be biased bc I'm married to the man, but he is ultimately the greatest husband and father I could have ever asked for.  I mean it from the bottom of my heart.  He has been a trooper through all of this and the saying that he has basically been a single father lately is an understatement!!  Until just recently he has done all the cooking, cleaning, laundry (including the washing, folding and putting away), school work, bath-times, story-times, play-time and has not complained once.  I know its exhausting for him.  He and I give single parents all the credit in the word!!!  The last week or so I have been able to help out more with the kids and with some of the cleaning.  I made my first spaghetti meal this weekend.  Yay.  Its the first meal I've prepared in months without tossing my cookies. Of coarse I couldn't eat it bc anything with sauce on it has been giving me major acid re-flux. :(

I hope to get the house cleaned out to start prepping for the new baby.  Currently we are just going to work on purging until we find out the sex.  Then we will start working on rearranging the rooms situation.  Since our upstairs has become "un-occupied" recently, Fred and I are considering refinishing it and making it the girls room to share.  That way it will free up both of their rooms to make one a nursery and the other a possible guest room or who knows.  We will see.  It would def. be an ambitious remodel to do, not to mention an added cost that at our current financial state really can't afford.  Sigh...we will see.  Who knows, maybe we'll actually hit the lottery one of these days.  Ha!!

Well until next time...

"Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out."

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