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Wednesday, December 5

Its been...

...3 months since Fred lost his job again and he still has not found a new one.  It really sucks when you invest 14yrs of your life with a company, get laid off, then find another job and after a year with the new job get laid off again.  I keep telling myself it will all be ok....sigh.  You just learn to make due and cut back. A L O T (Trust me when I say my bank probably hates me due to the lack of interest they are making off of me.)

...3 months since I found out that I was 5 weeks pregnant.  (Imagine my emotions finding this out along with Fred losing his job all in the same week.  It wasn't pretty.)

...3 months since Emma has been in preschool and Alexi in after school care.  I think Fred and the girls are ready to go back to their normal schedule.

...1 month since my mom moved out.

...7 days since I had my Picc-Line removed.  I am doing just fine without it right now.  I have the usual morning sickness, but that's all.

...3 months since I started driving a minivan and happy to say that its my vehicle of choice when leaving the house.  With or without the kids in tow.  (I'm really not surprised!  I've loved minivans since I was 16.  I know, call me crazy, but when I worked at Caesars Palace in the Poconos, I got the opportunity to drive the brand new Dodge Caravan...Loved it!!)

...13 months (as of yesterday) since I began working at my current job.  Again, I have to say I am pretty fortunate to have met some good business associates along the way. (I've also met some pretty crummy business associates too, but I'll leave that one alone.)

...5 days since our Elf "Jules" showed up at our house.  At times I have already regretted welcoming him into our home.  (You know, bc I am usually in bed before the girls.)  I had been planning on getting one for almost a month now and by the second day I was already questioning myself.  Oh boy...

...12 days since we put our tree up and the cat has yet to knock it down.  Now some of the ornaments?!?!  Well that's a different story.  But its OK   Itsey Bitsey and Emma have made a game of it.  Itsey knocks them off and Emma likes to put them back on.  Its become a win win for the both of them.

...too many years since my Poppop passed away.  I found myself driving home from work on Monday thinking about him and balling my eyes out in the car. When I moved out of my parents house (I was 18), we spent many nights talking on the phone.  Talking about stuff, talking about nothing, just talking about whatever was on our minds.  I'm not sure what triggered the memory of our conversations, but whatever it was set my great big ball of pregnancy hormones into a field day of tears.

...2 years this January since I've been to Disney.  If I wasn't pregnant, I'd be headed there this month with my Aunt, grandmom and cousins.  Ho Hum...there's always next time.

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