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Friday, January 4

Creative ways to gift $$ & gift cards for X-mas...

(Again, credit has to go to Pinterest for the ideas)

For my sister who is a Starbucks junkie, I did the following:
-One Starbucks gift card
-One Starbucks cup and straw (free with purchase of the gift card btw)
-Tan/brown & cream tissue paper (I found it at Kohls)

And Voila!  You have a gift card gift that looks like a Starbucks latte!!  It's a fun way to share a gift card in my opinion!!

My nephew on the other hand is extremely hard to shop for.  He's 12.  His life consists pretty much of sports and video games at this age and there are only so many sports balls, jerseys and games you can buy a kid before it starts becoming predictable.  Last year I bought him a wallet and filled it with a bunch of gift cards to diff. stores & restaurants and cash.  This year I saw the idea of gifting a box of chocolates, only with it changed up a bit.  I took an allotted amount of $$ as the main gift and broke it down into multiple different bills.  Each bill I rolled up and wrapped separately.  I then removed a piece of candy and replaced it with a wrapped bill.  The idea was different, yet it still gave him something to unwrap! 

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