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Tuesday, January 15

Its not that I don't care

My co-worker and I were talking today about how things were moving along with prepping for the new baby.  My response...we haven't even begun.

A lot of the managers at my company's locations have been asking me ever since we found out that we were having a girl if we've picked out a name yet.  My response...we haven't even had that conversation.

I have in fact though, set up to do another kid weekend swap with my sister so that the hubs and I can weed through/donate some of the girls toys and start rearranging the room situation, but no weekend has been set in stone yet.  I do have a crib that I purchased from a co-worker (I still have to get all the screws from them) and I brought one bin of baby clothes back with us when we visited my in-laws for the holidays, so I guess you can say I kinda have gotten a couple things accomplished. Yes? No? Maybe? Ok....not so much.

You know the saying that when you reach the point of having your "second, third, or so on" child you reach the stage that you don't care so much?   I really think its not that you don't care so much as its that you just don't worry as much.  You realize that you've done this before and all the things that you stressed out about before like the nursery room color or that every piece of furniture is matching or what over-the-top outfit your baby is going to wear when he/she comes home is well....really trivial.  There are so many more important things in life to worry about like making sure you bring home a healthy baby or that you can provide a loving home with electricity or diapers and food and clothing for your baby.

 I've just come to realize I don't need to make sure I have every detail perfectly lined up before our baby comes home.  Besides, the minute I get things set up and arranged will be the minute my two little hurricanes at home will rearrange it ;-)  And its OK!

(Of coarse I'm only 27 weeks so far and this carefree attitude may change at any moment, but to date, this is just how I feel.)

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