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Wednesday, February 6

Feeling Like a Robot

Its been some time since I've had a rant and rave here... at least I think its been some time.  If not, then oh-well bc its time again.


The last couple of weeks I have not been able to get a solid nights sleep.  I certainly don't feel well rested.  On top of that I have been working about 50 hrs a week (lets be clear here, I'm not complaining about working bc I am grateful to have a job) and spending a lot of time at Dr's offices. When you mix a hormonal woman whom is working a lot, sleeping less and worrying about her medical issues, you get ME.....PREGNANT, STRESSED OUT and TIRED!!  

I have no time what...so....ever to do ANYTHING!!  The little bit of time that I am actually coherent and not working, I am trying to spend with the hubs and the girls.  But even the girls aren't amused anymore.  I've been boring, I've been lacking any and all creativity, I've lost any and all excitement, I've probably even become unpleasant.  Honestly, I'm TIRED.

I couldn't tell you the last time I've had my haircut & colored, a pedicure or manicure, waxed my unsightly facial hair (no snide remarks, we've all been there and we all have unwanted facial hair! I've just taken longer to remove mine.), had a massage, seen a movie, enjoyed a book (since my 50 Shades phase), been to the mall to get something for myself, had a ladies night out (alcohol free of course), bought a piece of clothing other than necessary maternity clothes (come to think of it, I need to bite the bullet and invest in some maternity underwear), or even sat on the phone with a close friend and laughed until I peed myself (which wouldn't take long these days).  I have not touched my sewing machine in who knows how long, nor have a made any crafts that I've been thinking about.  My one and only scheduled grooming highlight next week will be done at the dentist when I have my teeth cleaned.  Whoohooo, I sure do know how to live it up, don't I?


I wouldn't be surprised if my friends and family wanted to trade me in for a new model.  Heck, at the rate I'm feeling, I'd trade myself in just to feel a little better.



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